Mint Hook

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I'll fix the HTML/CSS later, but for now I'd like to say that it's rather difficult to get back into a hobby if the job you're doing involves the hobby. For me, it's reading and writing. Getting a job that not only makes me read (textbooks) and write (lab manuals, presentations, papers, etc.) has put my love of reading and writing for leisure in comatose. I know for sure sooner or later I need to resign from the job.

It's not a bad job, I guess. I learned things along the way, and as I stayed longer I realized the pace was far too fast for me, that everyone is so gung-ho, while I stopped caring about advancement.

>blogpost 2

Well the site does look better now but... what mistake did I do that the .active css thingy doesn't even appear on my navbar...

ETA: I fixed it. was the key, not a .active. So spacing in css is important.